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Alexis Slatter is a self-employed barrister who practices from a leading human rights set of chambers. Alexis specializes in all aspects of immigration, asylum, nationality and EU free movement law.

As a practising barrister accredited under the ‘public access’ scheme  individuals, organizations and businesses are able to instruct Alexis directly enabling them to access the specialist oral and written advocacy, drafting and specialist legal advice they require, without having to be referred by a solicitor.

By way of introduction, Alexis specialized academically in this field through his Master’s degree in Human Rights and gained practical experience in senior court litigation after being called to the independent Bar of England & Wales.

Since 2000 Alexis has frequently appeared at all level of tribunal and court in England & Wales representing the interests of migrants seeking admission to or resisting expulsion from the UK. This experience and expertise enables him to advise his clients most effectively on their immigration matters.

Alexis keeps abreast of the latest developments in UK immigration law through a variety of daily email alerts and contributes to the Legal Action Group quarterly immigration case-law article.

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