Visitors (General)

There are a number of categories of visitors reflecting the variety of reasons people may visit the UK. Non-visa nationals coming for less than 6 months do not need prior entry clearance. Refusal of entry clearance for visa nationals attracts no right of appeal in the case of short-term and prospective students and non-family visitors.

Part 2 of the Immigration Rules sets out the formal requirements for certain types of visitors and paragraphs 41-46 refer to general visitors who come to the UK as tourists. Before an applicant is granted admission, they will need to establish that they are genuinely seeking entry for the period of the visit and do not intend to overstay or take employment. Most disputed cases concern doubts raised over an applicant’s incentives to stay on at the end of the visit.

General visitors cannot in general switch to generally switch to other categories under the Immigration Rules and this includes other categories of visitor. A notable exception being for medical visitors.

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