Dependent Relatives

While international human rights legislation restricts the government’s ability to prevent family unification, it has been a target for successive governments to the extent that it is now largely limited to the nuclear family. And government efforts to reduce net migration are further set to target the family migration route just as it has with migration in-flow routes of work and study.

Distinct from the nuclear family: spouses, fiancé(e)s, civil /unmarried partners and minor children, family members categorized as dependant relatives include parents, grandparents and other dependant relatives. These relatives must be seeking to join or accompany a person who is present and settled in the UK or being admitted for settlement, wholly or mainly financially dependant on the relative present and settled and have no other close relatives in their own country to turn to for financial support.

Parents and grandparents of children settled in the UK are allowed to join them only if they are:

•    Widows or widowers aged 65 or over; or
•    Traveling together and at least one of them is aged 65 or over; or
•    Aged 65 or over, remarried or in a civil partnership, but who cannot look to the spouse/civil partner or children of the second marriage or civil partnership for financial support; or
•    Under 65, mainly dependant financially on relatives settled in the UK and living alone in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances.

Sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts over 18 can qualify for admission to join a sponsor in the UK only if they are living alone outside the UK in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances and mainly financially dependant on relatives settled in the UK.

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